Deep bowl

Inventory number: St 119

This design is called "Geo" (short for "Geometric"). Just below the rim runs a frieze of concentric ovals in rectangular compartments. This frieze is interrupted by ten groups of vertical yellow lines, connecting rim to foot, both of which are emphasised with a yellow stripe. Towards the rim, the outermost lines of each group widen into a band with a scale pattern. The same scale shape is repeated several times, as a single motif, at the bottom of the line groups. The inside of the rim is decorated with ten groups of four concentric ovals in rectangular compartments.


Creamware K


Slip-cast form. Decoration with printed contours finished with yellow, azure, cobalt enamel on a white ground. Crackling mainly visible in the white.


Boch. La Louvière

Form number:

86 K 1 B, impressed

Decoration number:

D.739 & A in black


1922-1923, still produced in 1940


Black round stamp: Made in Belgium - Boch Fes - La Louvière - Fabrication belge / A² 4851 (black)

Signature :

Ct. in black


H : 161 - C : 307 - B : 136


Keramis, La Louvière