Egg-shaped vase with flattened mouth

Inventory number: DP 36

Neck finished with a yellow stripe on a black ground. Foot emphasised with a fourfold stripe: yellow, orange, brown and black. From the neck to about halfway down the body, a black surface with an edge of pronounced curls serves as the background for several flowers of different species, painted in a very naturalistic style. Their leaves reach stick out of the black surface, as does a stem supporting a white orchid, surrounded by a scattered pattern of dots in different colours, on the lower part of the body.


Stoneware C


Slip-cast form. Hand-painted decoration, underglaze, of black, yellow (various shades), green (various shades), blue, mauve, violet, brown (various shades), wine-coloured, orange and grey glazes on a white ground.


Boch. La Louvière

Form number:

960 C 2, impressed


Early 20th century


Grès - Keramis, impressed / Pièce unique - Potterij - "De Pul" - A.Pvo Bery in black

Signature :

Monogram TB in black


H : 306 - C : 72 - B : 106


Keramis, La Louvière