Egg-shaped vase with raised mouth

Inventory number: St 5

From shoulder to neck: graphic design with interlaced lines, of which the ends are finished with yellow enamel. The intersections are decorated with two concentric circles each, azure inside dark blue. Lobed border separating the decoration on the body from that on the neck. The body is decorated with six yellow sections finished at the top with concentric quadrants. These sections are separated from each other by an azure band with a white stripe on either side. The neck is finished with an azure stripe.


Creamware K


Slip-cast form. Decoration with printed contours filled in with yellow, navy blue and azure enamel on a white ground. Crackling mainly visible in the white and in the yellow.


Boch. La Louvière

Form number:

897 & AK in black

Decoration number:

D.813 & S in black


Around 1925 / 1930


Keramis black

Signature :

Ch. Catteau in black


H : 270 - C : 44 - B : 75


Keramis, La Louvière