Ornamental plate

Inventory number: St 152

The centre of the plate is decorated with a round medallion with a thick black edge around a stylised bird on a background of yellow stylised clouds. The rim of the plate is marked with a black stripe, the border has three series of overlapping yellow semicircles, decreasing in size towards the centre.


Creamware K


Slip-cast form. Decoration with printed contours filled in with yellow, cobalt, black, turquoise and green enamel on a white ground. Crackling mainly visible in the white and in the yellow.


Boch. La Louvière

Form number:

41 B K B, impressed

Decoration number:

D.836 in black


Blue round stamp: Made in Belgium - Boch Fes - La Louvière - Fabrication belge / Maîtrise: zwart

Signature :

M. Maisonnier. serrière in black


Keramis, La Louvière