Wide-mouthed potiche

Inventory number: DP 186

Full-length decoration consisting of six blue sections with wavy edges, decorated with snake and spiral motifs. The same motifs are repeated in the black sections alternating with the blue ones, which are connected to the neck and foot, both of which are finished with a beige stripe.


Stoneware C


Slip-cast form. The surface of the vase has a matt pale blue glaze, partly covered with a matt black glaze. Decoration on the black glaze: hand-painted drawing in ochre. Decoration on the blue glaze: hand-painted drawing in matt beige glaze over previo


Boch. La Louvière

Form number:

914 C, impressed

Decoration number:

D.995 in black


Grès - Keramis, impressed / black rectangular stamp: she-wolf mark - Keramis - Made in Belgium

Signature :

Ch.Catteau in black


H : 315 - C : 125 - B : 99


Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels